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Posted On: 23 SEP 2019

Builder of the Future

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again proved that imagination and foresight are two essential qualities of a great leader. This allows him to move into areas so far unchartered and take steps with confidence in directions where the weak-hearted fear to tread. Such people are known as pathbreakers.

For the first time India is extending a line of credit to Russia a G-7 nation and that too for a specific region of the country. In the Fareast, Vladivostok is an underdeveloped corner of Russia, situated north of China on Pacific coast it is a strategic location also. Hence, getting a foothold in a place with a potential is of great advantage to this nation.

Another feature of this move is that the government is not getting involved directly but only opening a line of credit with businessmen. This means that Indian business get a Russian market, one practical step will open foreign market for Indian businesses, professionals, goods and capital.

And all this is not some one time spark but a result of constant and continuous effort by our energetic prime minister single-mindedly devoted to nation building. He has been regularly going abroad and meeting foreign dignitaries to build bridges and prepare ground for India and Indians to rise at international forum.

The impact of Modiji’s diplomatic charisma was seen last month after the abrogation of Art 370. Pakistan and Imran Khan tried their level-best to rake up the issue at various international forums but India’s stand that Kashmir and Article 370 are internal issues and any dispute with Pakistan is a bilateral issue to be settled under the Simla agreement always prevailed. China, whom Pakistan has been courting for long by providing it a foothold in POK and passage through Baluchistan to the Arabian Sea, refused to standby Pakistan in this matter. The US also ditched Pakistan in the end though in the beginning President Trump took an ambivalent attitude by suggesting that he is ready to mediate if India desires but Modiji put the American president in his place with a firm stand that he has no locus stand to poke his nose. Trump had to finally retreat. An attempt was made to raise the issue at UNO but it utterly failed. Imran Khan ran from pillar to post but at the end had to bite the dust. This episode is a proof of the status and respect our Prime Minister commands in the international community.

Modiji’s capacity to take bold decisions in the interest of the nation even if it involves risk of possible failure and discredit was reflected in the launch of Chandrayan 2. Everyone knows such experiment and enterprises of launch in space always entail with them great amount of risk. The technical side is taken care of by the scientist and engineers but financial and administrative decisions rest with the government and as they say about the PM in such situation – “the buck stops here”. Modiji had the courage of conviction, political will and administrative guts to take such a crucial and critical and for reacting to put India in the league of space powers. And the events prove that he was correct. The orbiter was successfully placed in the moon’s gravitation zone and lander put in descend orbit. There was a success in the stage where Vikram had reached. The last minute snapping of communication should not be taken as a failure. It is like a batsman scoring 99 and getting out accidently one run short Modiji’s persistence and attitude should be applauded. Next time he will complete the century.

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