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Posted On: 26 JUL 2018

Minorityism in Hindu Rashtra

When former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said "Minorities have the first right to national resources," the watershed moment for exploitation of minorities at the expense of majority had arrived. It was minorityism in the worst form. No other statement by any top leadership in India was so stark in its open pandering of the minorities.

But it was not spoken out of any concern for their socio-economic condition in India. Congress party would have nothing of it. It was cold calculation by the "grand" old party targeting two levels. Level One: majority Hindus, who are woefully unreactive to their marginalisation and willy nilly but always will cast their vote to the Congress, which party was always sure of. Level Two: motley of minorities which Congress party ruthless exploits against the majority Hindus by pretending to be their saviour.

That not only seals the vote bank in favour of Congress, but always assured that the communities remain divided, weakened, hence turn to Congress for their salvation or welfare. The feeling in the minority community of being preferred over the majority puts it in the position of an adversary rather than a partner in country's march towards progress.

The bottomline is – head or tails, Hindus will lose, as majority they are "transgressers" and "minorities" are the "receiving ends, exploited, or marginalised." To correct this "discrimination" against the minorities, the system have been configured to work against the majority Hindu and in favour of minorities. In short, this is what is minorityism – the potential weapon of keeping Hindus on the margins and bringing other among the beneficiaries. rnIn view of this potential and unending conflict between majority and minority, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today rejects minorityism and believes in equality for all and appeasement of none. But then, though BJP led government is as young as four years only, the rot set by the Congress party is still much older and deeper in the system. It becomes more difficult to extricate it in a federal system. There are still state governments of different parties and many of these still are in control of system that is essentially tuned against Hindus.

For instance there are many states and Union Territories where Hindus are in minority. These are Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, Nagaland,Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.

But even here the majority non-Hindu communities are siphoning the benefits meant for minority which is Hindu community. Only recently, a petitioner advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay had filed a PIL in this regard in the Supreme Court seeking direction to these eight states to declare Hindus as minority, so that their benefits are not wrongfully passed to majority communities there.rnBut SC put the ball in the National Commission for Minorities and asked petitioner to go there.

Some of the facts placed in record before the Supreme Court by the petitioner are eye opening:rnThe Central Government offered 20,000 scholarships in field of technical education for minority students. In Jammu & Kashmir, Muslims are 68.30 per cent and government allotted 717 out of 753 scholarships to Muslim students, but none to Hindu students.

The petitioner also cited the 2011 Census, which says that Hindus are minority in these states. in terms of percentage: Lakshadweep (2.5), Mizoram (2.75), Nagaland (8.75), Meghalaya (11.53), Jammu & Kashmir (28.44),Arunachal Pradesh (29), Manipur (31.39) and Punjab (38.40). Muslims are majority in Lakshdweep(96.20) and Jammu & Kashmir (68.30), and there is significant Muslim population in Assam (34.20), West Bengal (27.5), Kerala (26.60), Uttar Pradesh(19.30) and Bihar (18).

Hindu Human Rights Report published by Garuda Prakashan lays threadbare the incidents of violation of rights of Hindus between 2015 and 2016. These violations are not reportable because Hindus are not declared a minority. There is a legalized discrimination of Hindus and their interests by different branches of Government at Centre and States, viz. confiscation of temple assets and control over temple and administration, discriminatory government scheme targeting Hindu communities are some of the examples.

Where do we go from here? An all inclusive, tolerant, secular, ancient Hinduism and Hindus in fact are getting marginalised in their own land. Those who accommodated everyone over centuries are getting pushed to the margins. rnAs the trend goes on, one should not surprised at the rising voice of Hindu Rashtra, something that it always was. After going through horrifying suffering and extermination over millennia, Israel has declared itself a Jewish Nation State earlier this month.

Why not we, the Hindu Rashtra?

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