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Posted On: 30 APR 2018

Rudra Roop of Hanuman Ji

Many of us have been recently surprised by sudden appearance of image of Hanuman Ji in deep orange and black in stickers on the windshields of many cars flitting about town and country highways. In the picture, Hanuman Ji in flowing raven black locks has arching brows as if in anger, radiating rage, yet holding back a kind and knowing smile. The deep black ink artwork is sublime as well as Gothic in force, yet very deeply assuring to a troubled Hindu mind of today in the times of attacks on his faith from various quarters.

Many Left, Liberal, the Godless 'intelligentsia' accustomed to Hindu bashing every day, look alarmed and have objected to the "new form" of Hanuman Ji, saying Hanuman Ji was never supposed to be aggressive. With votes on their minds but sermon on their tongue, they have sought to run it down as just another "Bajrangi" distortion of the "real" Hanuman Ji that was at best a servant to Ram and Sita.

Let it be made amply clear to these Godless commies that Hanuman Ji indeed has three prime manifestations – a sewak(loyal servant), Bal Hanuman Ji(playful child), and a Rudra Roop (enraged destroyer of evil Lanka). It is because of these disparate traits, Hanuman Ji is worshipped by the people of Vaishnav and Shaiv sects alike. The first is known to all of us, his service to Ram and Sita in Ramayan is lesson in loyalty. Second is the most loved one, especially among young mothers who liken their child "the little monkey" to Bal Hanuman Ji.

However, as regard to third form, let it be made clear to the non-believers that Hanuman Ji is revered in his aggressive form, too, in Thai Ramayana (Ramakein).

It is only the beauty of a seamless coalescence of faiths in Hindu dharma that Rudra Roop Hanuman Ji is depicted in mural on walls of Buddhist temple Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok. The portrayal is part of nearly 200 murals that tell the story of Ramakein. Hanuman Ji is portrayed in most in his vikraal(sublime) form: when he enlarges his body to form a protective shield around Ram and Sita, or when he enlarges and extends his tail as a bridge across sea for army of apes to march across to Lanka. Also, the sooksham(tiny) form when he flies into the mouth of demon Vilkatakshini, guarding the Sea of Lanka around Kingdom of Ravana.

Having said that, the message to Godless commies is very clear: if a sticker can instil fear in your hearts, then beware of all of us, the Hanuman Bhakts, amongst whom the greatest protector lives as invisible spirit and a formidable force.

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