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Posted On: 10 JUN 2019

The Undisputed Leader of the Nation

PM Modi has proved that he is the man for the job. He knows his job and he is already on it in his second term as he hits the ground running. The reason for his unprecedented success is that he has his finger on the pulse of the people. The first example of his grasp of the situation is increasing the scholarship for the children of martyrs. At the same time, he has extended the Krishi Samman Yojna to cover all farmers. Both these steps seen together will define the understanding of Modiji about the basic framework of Indian polity.

From time immemorial, the India has prospered due to the hard work and productivity of our farmers and cultivators giving a helping hand to primary producers in nurturing and strengthening the roots of the economy. At the same time, recognition of the sacrifice of martyrs is in line with national sentiment eulogizing the brave and selfless service of those who protect the honour and safety of the nation and its citizens.

Farmers provide food security and soldiers provide national security. The national slogan of “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” is in full display.

Another strategic move envisioned by home minister Amit Shah as reported in the media is the proposed delimitation exercise in Jammu and Kashmir. The imbalance of seats in the Valley and Jammu is evident when respective populations are compared. Jammu remains under-represented and the Valley has a stranglehold on chief minister’s post. An injustice is being perpetrated. In sync with the national mood and local sentiment Modiji is setting the things right with this proposed step. At last Kashmir will have a Hindu chief minister. After all the accession treaty was signed by a Hindu King and the vast majority of soldiers who gave their lives in different wars were Hindus. The Hindu character of the state will be re-established.

Modiji enjoys a secular image and practices secular policy is also clear from two separate incidents. Congress leader Roshan Baig, ex-minister and current MLA, is a Modi fan and has publicly praised him. Abdullakutty of Congress, ex-Kerala MLA and former MP, eulogised Modiji openly saying that in Modiji he sees an image of Gandhiji who formulates his policies by remembering the face of the poorest of the poor and worked for the upliftment and betterment of the lowliest of the lowest in society. The chief of Congress in Kerala was so piqued that he expelled Abdullakutty from the Congress party.

The pseudo -secularist, autocratic and intolerant attitude stands exposed. The opponents of Modiji are trying to falsely paint him as a right wing Hindu extremist. But the thumping mandate given to Modiji by the nation shows that voters of all age ethnicities, religions and political leanings have accepted him as the undisputed leader of the nation. Those who have watched Mr Modi rise to the top realise that it is not sudden and meteoric but an edifice built brick by brick with experience from the ground level and cemented by hard work at every stage of life. The finish and the polish are provided by empathy for and connection built with the common man during his long and strenuous journey. From the tea stall at a railway station in Gujarat to the chai pe charcha with the likes of Obama at Hyderabad house in Delhi. He is simultaneously the darling of the masses and mingles with upper class. With same ease and calm he can address Security Council in UN, elites in Westminster or an election meeting in Ramlila Maidan.

Such a great and charismatic leader is hailed as an Avatar in our religious scriptures but derided as myth by pseudo-secular intellectuals.

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