Firmly rooted in the soil, I believe in equality for every citizen beyond the perils of appeasement politics practiced by various governments since Independence. Pitching one community against the other through preferential treatment resulted in social disquiet. Within the broad framework of one nation, one code, I favour a government that protects the rights of the Hindus. “Jo Hindu hit ki baat karega, wo desh pe raaj karega” (The one who protects Hindu rights, will rule the country) is the slogan guiding my thought process which doesn’t want to see majority being treated as the second class citizens and seeks end to the divisive politics on the lines of religion, caste and communities introduced by the colonial masters and carried forward by the Congress. My views are in sync with the majority mindset in the country which became an expression of the nation in 2014 when the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given an overwhelming mandate to transform India. It was a timely course correction in an environment that was bound to take India on a downward spiral. Nationalism is oxygen for a young nation which is knocking at the door of the elite club of developed countries. A continues 10 year unhindered run for the forces of transformation will fulfill the dream of a billion plus Indians who want to see their country free of hunger, poverty, corruption and nepotism. I see nationalism through the prism of Hinduism that has bound the country like a string of pearls. The virtues of tolerance in Hinduism allowed all the faiths to thrive and prosper in the ancient land of India whose diversity is also a byproduct of the essence of the Hindu way of life which is accommodative, open-minded and progressive. Free of dogmas and tenets, Hinduism lays the path for the comprehensive development of the nation. The emerging India will be happy, prosperous, confident and innovative. The Indians have scripted success stories wherever they are settled in the world. Given the right environment and opportunities, they excelled and got dissolved in the societies that embraced them. A similar conducive, entrepreneurship-friendly, hatred-free environment in the country will make sure that the aspirations of the nation are fulfilled. India is standing at the cusp of history. Its young population, armed with requisite skills and enthusiasm is restless and wants to get rid of the legacy issues to climb the ladder of success. All it wants is a little nudge from a government that realizes their abilities and is ready to harness their potential. India has seen sparks of brilliance in all the spheres of life. These sparks will give way to a raging fire in the growth-engine of the country.


India is poised to leapfrog into the magical double digit growth era after a series of structural reforms in the economy carried out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I believe that from 2020 onwards, India will witness continues 10 per cent plus GDP growth run because of these reforms which he thinks are even bigger than liberalization unleashed in the early 1990s. The reform process started with demonetization which was a timely strike on the black economy. The prevalence of abundant cash had led to the thriving of a parallel economy that choked the country’s economic progress. He believes that the cash economy has come into the system which means that the size of the economy will increase from 1.8 trillion to almost 3 to 3.5 trillion based on tax reforms. The roll out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) will transform the way business is carried out in the country. Those who are doing their businesses with honesty have welcomed GST as they have nothing to fear and are happily contributing to the nation-building through clean practices. I see GST as a phenomenal improvement brought about by the government in the tax environment. As a significant player in the FMCG sector, I am experiencing ease of doing business. The transportation of goods used to be a challenges task with borders check-points all over the country delaying the passage of products from the manufacturers to the consumers. The GST has smashed the border barriers and the products now zip through the states to reach the market. The dismantling of multiple tax structures of VAT, excise duties, credit , input and output flows have been simplified. The people are not seeing the benefits of the move today but the next decade will be India’s decade. I predict that between 2020 and 30, the country is headed for a double digit growth trajectory provided Narendra Modi remains in power. The unhindered 10 percent growth has never been witnessed but India is well on the path of achieving the target. The nation will see massive surge in the economic activity which will uplift plight of the millions particularly the classes which were yet to benefit from development. The phenomenon will pull out the downtrodden from abject poverty ending hunger and pain and offering them dignified, prosperous and healthy life. The union budget for 2018 balances the vision for India and Bharat which have complement each other not compete. Prime Minister Narendra Modi have shown that both urban and rural population have equal right on the resources of the country. He has blurred the thin line between popular and populism.