It is a well-known fact that India is a young nation with the youth representing 34.8 percent of its population in 2011. This demographic dividend can be utilized effectively for nation building if given the correct guidance and support.

According to the 2011 census, Hindus account for 966 million of India’s population. Forty percent of the Hindu population is young. Digging deep into the maze of census statistics, one finds that the Hindu literacy rate in 2011 stood at 63.6 percent. While the literacy rate has been consistently improving, much needs to be done to improve it further.

The numbers might not tell the whole story as one can argue that the modern Hindu youth is patriotic, proud and progressive.

The Hindu youth has excelled in all the fields all over the world. From dominating the Silicon Valley in the US to excelling in sports and leading from the front abilities of the Indian army’s newly commissioned officers, the young Hindus have become symbol of India’s success.

Their progress shows that the future of India is not only secure but shining.

I have nurtured an ambition for long to channelize the energies of the Hindu youth and bring them on a forum to highlight their achievements and chart out a way ahead. For Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, World Hindu Youth Conference (WHY) will be a step in that direction.

Guiding me in this endeavour is Hanuman Ji, the symbol of Bhakti, Shakti and Yukti, a rare combination that is ideal for the Hindu Youth to emulate. Lord Hanuman is the ideal role model for the Hindu youth.

Hanuman Ji’s qualities of intelligence, strength, courage, fitness, alertness, compassion and eloquence make him the perfect benchmark for the Hindu youth.

WHY will bring together Hindu youth from all over the world on a common platform where they will share their experiences and show a path for others to follow. The achievers will be facilitated so that they become role models for others.

Hindu intellectuals, saints, nationalist leaders, spiritual gurus, Yoga proponents & individuals with Hindu beliefs will come together to spread the message of love, enterprise, health and global peace.

I see WHY as an expression of Hindu youth’s abilities. It will be a forum where Hindu saints and seers, Yoga proponents, intellectuals, academics and achievers will come together and interact with the youth offering them solutions and showing them the path helping them to grow personally and contribution to the success of the nation.

I believe that the Hindu youth should be the symbol of nationalism and devotion. It will bind the Hindus in a common thread as the minds from all over the world will converge and address the problems faced by the community and find solutions to stay together, grow together.


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