Philanthropy and Milestones

“ You have to have faith for it to work.”

These words are from the movie – The Vampire Slayer. It was said by the main protagonist in the movie and since, has been the inspiration for me in everything I do or believe.

I believe that giving it back to the society is the greatest satisfaction one can get in fulfilling one's duties towards the nation. I recognize the virtues of honesty and compassion in evolving as a concerned and conscious citizen.

The HCN Trust and Educational Society, established in the name of my father Late Shri Harish Chander Nanda (IRS), is dedicated to social and spiritual causes. In the year 2008, the trust constructed the tallest statue of Hanuman Ji at the highest point in the world at the Jakhoo Temple, Shimla. It took two years to build the statue, and it was completed in 2010.

We also founded Health Charitable Trust for helping cancer patients. The health charity is committed to easing the pain of those who have cancer. It is my humble contribution in helping those who need it most.

I have been involved with many social events and was present at the dinner hosted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji during his visit to the US in September 2014 at Taj Pierre, Manhattan.


I was awarded entrepreneur of the year award in 2013 by Sh. T. K.A Nair, principal advisor to the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, and the chairman of Bank of India Smt. R. Iyer.

My new venture with a UK-based company for developing On Board Condition Monitoring (OBCM) for the Indian Railways was showcased to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during his visit at the Rail Shivir 2016, along with the then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. We are the only exclusive partner in India to represent the JV.

I featured as a Young Turk in a CNBC list of first generation entrepreneurs.

We have been winning the award as the top exporter of toothbrushes from India for five years in a row. The award is given out by the PLEX Council promoted by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

I fully endorse the spirit of Swadeshi being propagated by Baba Ramdev, challenging the supremacy of the multi-nationals. I am fortunate to have been working very closely with Baba Ramdev Ji and his company which is India’s largest FMCG enterprise. Baba Ramdev has proved that age-old local remedies can be turned into a successful health mantra. Looking inwards is a new philosophy in business introduced by Baba Ramdev who has worked wonders in transforming the FMCG sector taking the multi-national giants head-on and creating India’s second largest FMCG Company and which is poised to take the Numero Uno position in the coming years.

Going forward and in the same spirit, we will set up Patanjali outlets at all the airports of the country, and the journey towards this commenced with the first outlet getting inaugurated on January 18, 2018, at the T2 terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Safety of passengers is supreme for the Indian Railways and the use of advance technology for fault detection is the hallmark of the world's fourth largest rail network undergoing rapid modernization.

On Board Condition Monitoring Systems (OBCMS) is the one-stop solution for preventing onset of bearing failures and detection of faults on the tracks to ensure safe rides for the passengers.

The wayside detection systems being used today have proved to be error prone. The advanced sensor-based OBCMS is attached to the wheels of the train for constant monitoring of the health of the wagon, locomotives and coaches.

How it works

The next generation self-powered Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSN) are fitted on each wheel of a wagon, coach or a locomotive. The sensors collect health data of the bearings and tracks and transmit it on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The sensors record data pertaining to vibrations, oil analysis, thermography, audible noises, heat and smoke.

The Data Analystics delivers actionable intelligence by identifying degrading bearing, damaged wheel or track well in time. An alert is transmitted real-time to the maintenance units for replacement. The spike in vibration at a particular spot by successive passing of wheels leads to Urgent Track Attention alerts.

The advantages

It is powerless

It can be easily installed without any changes in the rolling stock

The data is produced real-time 24x7

Eliminates errors prevailing in the wayside detection systems

Increases availability of rolling stock assets

Increases revenue

Predictive maintenance means better safety and prevention of accidents

Lower cost because of efficient asset management

Decreases the work load of gang men who can straightaway concentrate on the serious faults instead of aimlessly checking the entire length of tracks.

The vision and the implementation

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Nikhil Nanda presented the system to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rail Shivir on 18 November, 2016 and 11 May 2018. The Indian Railways is pursuing the project for installation of smart sensors on the coaches under a Rs 113 crore project.